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Why the best actors are method actors


Konstantin Sergeievich Stanislavski  (Russian: Константи́н Серге́евич Станисла́вский )(1863–1938), known as  Stanislavski, was a Russian stage actor and director most known for his  naturalistic theatre technique, method acting, known as the  “Stanislavsky method acting”.

This method basically means that actors use their personal feeling and memories, their bodies and souls, to  express authentic emotion to create their characters. Although he focused on stage,  his method acting applies to modern day film.


It takes a lot of talent and dedication to create cinema that is  believable and engrossing. Although any great film relies heavily on the  craftsmanship of a writer and the vision of a director, the project can  never reach its full potential until the actors on-screen bring in an  element of realism to their roles. This is why method actors are so  highly revered in the industry. Their professionalism and intense  preparation helps create legendary characters that stay with us long  after we exit the screens. Here are 8 actors that have made a  mark on the industry by using method acting to deliver on some epic  performances: I could have listed 50 more!!!

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