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Method Acting Now

We will focus on Method Acting for the camera. These techniques will also translate to the stage. 


Ronald Quigley

Ronald Quigley is a professional stage and film actor for over 18 years and has used Konstantin Stanislavski's method exclusively. Showing up with a complete character is critical for any performance  on film.  All too many times I see actors show up unprepared. They have an idea of what they are going to do, but the character is not complete and they end up leaving the set unfulfilled...  the end result,  looking like they are acting... Acting is not "acting." It's real and if you don't make it real the camera will catch you every time.

Weekly Classes

Ronald teaches  Basic Method Training, a weekly class on Tuesdays  for students of all levels. 

Wednesdays are for the master class which is a two year program that is taught  more in depth out of  "An Actor Prepares"    "Building A Character" 1st Edition    "Creating A Role" 1st Edition  and   "An Actor's Work: A Student's Diary" 1st Edition.  All of these books are written  by Konstantin Stanislavski. Another book "The Stanislavski System: The Professional Training of an Actor"  Second Revised Edition will also be used.


Auditing a Class

You may come and Audit a Class for free with no obligation.


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